PNP group’s main promoter is Mr. Pawan Kumar Kaushik, a first generation businessman, who started his career as an assistant accountant with an Export Import Company during Nov. 1978.

From the 1st day of working, he started working to learn and never for money. He always say money is by-product of the business and one should do business with ethics. He always rated goodwill much higher than profit.

Hence seed of success were already there and just required to be cultivated. The organization he joined in 1978 cultivated those seed and taught him “abc” of business. In 1986, he got an opportunity to go to Taiwan and since then started exporting goods of far east origin and importing Indian origin goods to far eastern countries.

With sincere hard work, he acquired lot of product knowledge and started utilizing that knowledge in his daily business activities. Being innovative and creative in nature, with high risk appetite, he started marketing new innovative products. He always believed in job satisfaction rather than monetary profits.

Since April 1986, he is an NRI based at Taiwan and closely connected with top Taiwanese Manufacturer’s like Nan Ya Plastics Corp. Taiwan, “Formosa Group” (A fortune 500 company) and share’s a very good reputation with them. They exclusively sell their Filament Yarn to India through him only since 1986.

Nan YA Plastics Corp., Taiwan chairman Mr. Wang Young Ching is his ideal for doing business.

Why Wang Young Ching? Because he cares for his customers, do business with ethics, most reasonable and loyal to his customers.