Coated Cloth

PNP is market leader in Coated Fabric which is mainly used for bags, raincoat, tarpaulin, tents, chair, awning, umbrella etc. Coated Fabric on which fabric is on the face side or front side and backing is coated with PVC, PU, PA, ULY or TPR. Since fabric is face side or front side, it makes it look better and backing is used for making is stronger and treatment for water proof and water repellent. PNP has different types of woven fabrics with any kind of backing mentioned above.



    1. PNP is the first one to introduce branded luggage fabric on this Planet.
    2. Available in more than hundred varieties & each one in different colours.
    3. Fair and transparent sales policy.
    4. PNP guarantees quality.
    5. Fixed price policy.


    1. Luggage Bags.
    2. Rain Coat.
    3. Umbrella.
    4. Tent.
    5. Awnings.
    6. Tarpaulin.
    7. Chair.