PNP is a company which believes in hard-work, sincerity and loyalty which has helped us in becoming the No. 1 brand for Coated cloth. Our defining trait is our ability to provide wide range of quality products with unmatched service across India, with our owned warehouses spread over 20 Lakhs Sq. Ft.

The team at PNP has always focused on delivering quality product at unmatched after sales service, at the most competitive price, which has helped us in becoming the market leaders.

With sustainable competitive advantage arising from our strong brand, high credibility, market leadership across businesses and large customer base, we deliver quality products and after sales service at fair price that makes market function better.


PNP group has a diversified portfolio from product ranging from Nylon Yarn for textile market to HAO Turbo ventilator and Tie roofing screws for industrial application and Synwood products for interior and exterior beautification of your living space.


We address a rich and well diversified client base in India as well as outside India. We share a very strong relationship with world’s largest PVC processing company which enables us in providing quality product to Indian market.


We empower our customers and the markets at large, with quality product and with our best in class service. Our policies force the markets and market participants to become more transparent and efficient.



PNP Polytex was incorporated in 2001 under the leadership of Mr. Pawan Kumar Kaushik. With the expertise in filament yarn over the past two decades, we introduced coated cloth to Indian market with the vision of developing the India market for soft luggage and today we may proudly say that we are the market leaders in the business. Only PNP is the  company to brand the coated cloth fabric under the brand name “PNP” and “Aasutex” and is responsible for converting the unorganized coated cloth market to organized market. We started our business with filament yarn.

In 2002 we introduced Coated Cloth in Indian market and in quick time, we  became leader in Luggage Fabric Industries.

In 2005 we introduced the most reputed Luggage brand of Japan, Echolac in India. PNP was the only  company that makes a brand name in Luggage fabric industries. As always, PNP introduced Innovative product like Natural air Ventilator for pollution free factories and warehouses without any use of electricity,  Warehouse Racking System for better and efficient storage solution in  the Indian warehouses and Roofing Screw, an industrial product to be used in Roofing. PNP does business in different product namely Synthetic Wood, Natural Air Ventilator, Warehouse racking, Roofing Screw, Coated Cloth, Luggage Fabric, O.A. Furniture, PVC Resins, EVA Resin, Label tape, Webbing, Nylon Filament yarn, Polyester filament Yarn, Power Ventilator etc.





PNP group’s main promoter is Mr. Pawan Kumar Kaushik, a first generation businessman, who started his career as an assistant accountant with an Export Import Company during Nov. 1978.

From the 1st day of working, he started working to learn and never for money. He always say money is by-product of the business and one should do business with ethics. He always rated goodwill much higher than profit.

Hence seed of success were already there and just required to be cultivated. The organization he joined in 1978 cultivated those seed and taught him “abc” of business. In 1986, he got an opportunity to go to Taiwan and since then started exporting goods of far east origin and importing Indian origin goods to far eastern countries.

With sincere hard work, he acquired lot of product knowledge and started utilizing that knowledge in his daily business activities. Being innovative and creative in nature, with high risk appetite, he started marketing new innovative products. He always believed in job satisfaction rather than monetary profits.

Since April 1986, he is an NRI based at Taiwan and closely connected with top Taiwanese Manufacturer’s like Nan Ya Plastics Corp. Taiwan, “Formosa Group” (A fortune 500 company) and share’s a very good reputation with them. They exclusively sell their Filament Yarn to India through him only since 1986.

Nan YA Plastics Corp., Taiwan chairman Mr. Wang Young Ching is his ideal for doing business.

Why Wang Young Ching? Because he cares for his customers, do business with ethics, most reasonable and loyal to his customers.

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Be fair in our business

Be transparent



Achieve highest possible standards

Empower the customer and market at large



Perceptive to the country

Fanatical for industrialization in India

Money is the by-product of our business

                                                                    – Pawan Kaushik



To develop PNP as a brand which carries most innovative and creative products



“To provide full satisfaction to customers & all stake holders by providing them all 5 essentials of business – product, price, service, reach & goodwill and create a large network of loyal customers.”

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