Nytex is the highest quality Nylon Filament Yarn made for Fine Fabric which is used in making ready made garments, made ups, stocking, leggings, socks, lingerie, under garments, sports protective pads, sportswear, swim wears etc.


Our machines are sourced from technology leaders. Our Spinning System from Extruders to Winders are from Oerlikon Barmag. Our lab is equipped with most sophisticated testing machines from Textechno, Oxford, and Spintrack etc. Our utilities are from world leaders like Atlas Copco, Daikan, Luwa, Sossna etc.


We make Nylon FDY, Nylon POY, Nylon FOY & Nylon Crimp Yarn of 20D to 200D, in multiple filaments, in any shape like Round, Trilobal & Nycool, in all the lusters like Semi Dull, Full Dull and Bright.

Partially Oriented yarn (POY)
Highly/Fully oriented yarn(HOY/FOY)

Product Appilcation :

Fully drawn yarn (FDY)
Crimp yarn

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